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Astralux White Card

Melissa Tests it Out Astralux Blog Featured Image

Astralux White Card

Melissa has been busy testing again, this time she tried out our Astralux White card, which has a glossy finish on one side and matte white card on the other. Melissa tells us that the card has a good thickness and a nice white colour, it cuts smoothly with a trimmer and she highly recommends it for Alcohol Ink creations, she explains her tests and thoughts below.

Alcohol Ink Technique Test

Products used for this test

Ink Used:  Alcohol Inks
Other Products Used: Isocol

Thoughts after the test

  • I added a considerable amount of Isocol and Alcohol Ink to this card. To move the ink around I used an air blower as well as a heat gun. It with stood all very well. Once dry, I added more Isocol to get the dotted effect and heated it again to dry.
  • Considering all the times that I heated this card, it performed very well.
  • Yes, it did ‘arch’ a little when heating, however it did not go out of shape at all and once all dry and cooled, it went back to shape without warping.
  • I highly recommend this card for Alcohol Ink creations.

Cards Made

For these cards I created the background as outlined above, I then ran them through my die cut machine in an Embossing Folder, I then sanded the raised parts with a sanding block.

Thoughts after making these cards

  • I love how this technique turned out.
  • The card was the perfect thickness for this.
  • On one of the cards, it did tear a little when embossed, however I think that was because the card was still a little wet. The other one was dryer and didn’t have an issue.
  • There was no warping when embossed either.
  • Again, a perfect card and thickness for this technique.

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