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Feature: Cotton Paper

Cotton: beautiful paper made without trees

Cotton paper has a beautiful, luxurious feel and a unique texture, it’s stronger than wood-pulp papers and doesn’t yellow over time. It was originally made from old cotton rags, but today it’s made from cotton linters which are a byproduct from the textile manufacturing industry that might otherwise be thrown away.

We have beautiful ranges of paper that feature cotton, which is a spectacular alternative to wood-based papers.

100% Cotton

A range of ivory and white paper made from cotton, which has a beautiful, soft texture. Available in card, paper and envelopes.

So...Wool Cover Image


Two gorgeous neutral colours in card, paper and envelopes that are made with wool and cotton fibres. So…Wool is inspired by the catwalks of Milan and imported from Italy. It evokes the feeling of touching a luxurious woollen jumper.

Almond Card Paper Envelopes


A gorgeous, off-white stock made with 30% cotton pulp content, it’s available in card, paper and envelopes.

Snow Card


A bright, white card featuring 30% cotton content, it’s available in 3 different, thick options: 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm.

Other sustainable choices

Looking for other, more sustainable options? We have three ranges that are made entirely from recycled material, so you can be sure that no trees were cut down in the process of making your paper.

Kaleidoscope Cover Image
Kaleidoscope: 25 beautiful, vibrant colours available in card, paper and envelopes.
Botany Cover Image
Botany: made in Australia, this natural, raw product is available in card, paper and envelopes.
Earthy Recycled Cover Image
Earthy Recycled: card, paper and envelopes featuring a unique, soft feel in 11 earthy colours.

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Feature: Certificate paper

Our collection of perfect certificate paper

Take a look at our top picks for certificate paper, we’ve got a bit of everything… metallic, matte, textured, card, paper, whatever you’re looking for, we probably stock it. If you can’t see something you like, contact us for advice.

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Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll help you find the perfect paper for the job.