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  • Post last modified:16/02/2024

Learn about the various accreditations that our papers may carry. Each type of paper has different accreditations, so make sure you check out the information on the product listing.

Acid Free

No free acids are present due to care taken in the manufacturing of the pulp to eliminate any active acid. Only uses alkaline additives. Acid free papers can be used for wrapping or storing jewellery, china, silver or photographs.

Blue Angel Ecolabel

This is a German accreditation which means that the paper conforms to strict ecological standards. In this case, it guarantees that the stock is made from recycled materials, the use of chlorine, halogenated bleaching agents and non-biodegradable complexing agents are banned in the production process and, if handled and stored correctly the paper is resistant to ageing for hundreds of years.

Certified Carbon Neutral

Paper that has had its carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions calculated; reduced where possible and ‘offset’ through credits that fund renewable emission free energy products.

Elemental Chlorine Free

Paper that is made without the use of elemental chlorine. ECF pulp is produced with a bleaching alternative that serves to reduce harmful by-products.

Food Contact

This paper has been tested and approved for use and contact with food and foodstuffs. Some restrictions may apply.


Pulp sourced from forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC works to promote responsible forestry, conserve biological diversity and protect old growth forests.

ISO 14001 EMS – Environmental Management Systems

Paper is manufactured by a mill that is accredited with ISO 14001, the international standard for organising and achieving continual improvement in environmental management systems. This standard reviews the total manufacturing process and seeks continuous improvement in aspects such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.

ISO 9706 Longlife

Papers with this accreditation are guaranteed by international standards to last up to 100 years.

Lignin Free

No lignin is present in the paper due to the removal of the lignin, or because the paper is made from alternatives to wood pulp.

Manufactured with Windpower

Paper produced with the use of 100% wind-generated electricity. Wind energy is emission free and completely renewable. This form of electricity is generated by resources that produce little or no pollution.

PEFC Certified

PEFC ensures that at least 70% of wood fibre is from forests that promote sustainable forest management.


Paper made up of recycled fibres which have been extracted from existing paper products, to be used in the manufacture of further paper products. Recycled paper can be 100% recycled or consist of a mixture of pre and post consumer waste along with some virgin fibre to add strength.

Responsible Forestry Practices

Fibre used in the production of paper that shows this symbol is sourced from pulp suppliers who practice responsible forestry techniques and/or use paper from managed plantation forests.