A5 spiral-bound notebook made from black paper with a thick black glitter cover and box-board backing.

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A beautiful, A5-sized notebook made from our best-selling Kaleidoscope paper.

This notebook features unprinted, black paper that is ready for your imagination to take the lead. It’s perfect for writing or drawing with coloured pens, pencils and pastels. The paper is 120gsm, which is luxuriously thick compared to most other notebooks, you’ll definitely feel the difference when you touch the paper.

The notebook is spiral bound, with a thick black glitter cover and box board backing, so you can flip the cover around to the back, making it a sturdy book to hold in your hands.

This notebook is upcycled from the offcuts produced when making the card, paper and envelopes in our core range of products. We don’t believe in throwing good paper away, so we’ve been keeping it all while looking for a good solution. In the end, we were looking for notebooks for our own everyday use and decided to make them out of the paper that we love.  We hope you’ll like them, too.


Size: A5 (148 x 210mm)

Paper: 50 sheets (100 pages) of lightly textured, black 120gsm paper

Covers: Thick Black Glitter on the front and Box Board on the back